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Blue Moon May 19, 2019, is the moon a blue moon?

Blue Moon appearance May 19, 2019, is the moon a blue moon?

SCIENCE– Full moon, specifically called "blue moon" or "blue moon". it will appear on 19 May 2019. This phenomenon only occurs every two or three years. What should be asked, is it true that the moon will appear blue?

Astronomical activists in the Langit Salatan Bandung Aviva Yamani community explained the name of the Blue Moon regarding the appearance of the third full moon of the four full lunar seasons. The season is connected to a country that has four seasons, or each season is three months.

"The full moon on May 19 is the Blue Moon because of the third full moon of the season. We don't really understand the terminology or term lay that is usually used in 4 seasons," he concluded, Tuesday, May 14, 2019.

Physical appearance, full moon in Indonesia, which is on May 19, 2019, will look like a normal moon with a pale color. Even in four seasons. The moon does not turn blue. The appearance of Blue Moon can also be interpreted as an extra full moon or as an extra.

From the earthsky.org page, the blue moon phenomenon is associated with a turning point (equinox) or when the sun passes the earth's equatorial line. The situation begins in the spring in the northern hemisphere and in the early fall in the southern hemisphere.

At its peak, an estimated 30 meteors per hour, coming from the constellation of Aquarius, fall. Eta Aquarius is a meteor shower associated with Hailey's comet, which passed around 34 years ago.

"Meteor showers can be observed during sunny weather, not near full moon. The best time to wait for Eta Aquarids is at dawn or early morning," he said.

Meteor showers rarely fall to the floor. If you reach the ground, it causes fire, holes and casualties.

Blue Moon observations May 19, 2019

Blue Moon is on the other side of the earth when the sun and its appearance are fully illuminated. The phase appeared on 05.11 WIB.

Because this is the third of the four full moon seasons, this is known as the blue moon. There are usually only three full months for each season of the year.

Full moon takes place every 29.53 days, sometimes a season has 4 full moons. This season's extra full moon is known as the blue moon. The blue moon is on average every 2.7 years for one appearance.

On March 20, 2019, there are four full lunar months, namely March 21, April 19, May 18, which is called Blue Moon or May 19 in Indonesia and June 17. According to astronomer Tri L. Astraatmadja, in his writing on the community page, Langit Salatan, the blue moon appears every 2.71 years. ***

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