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Closest neighbor of the earth: Venus or Mercury?

Jakarta – Until now, Venus has been called Earth's closest planet, by both NASA and other sources on Google. But a recent study is present and is ready to deny the old theory.

The team of researchers from the United States has succeeded in making the latest calculations that revealed the closest planet to Earth. The group consisted of Tom Stockman from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Gabriel Monroe from the US Army Engineer Research Development Center and Samuel Cordner from NASA.

The three said the closest neighbor to Earth is Mercury, as quoted from Physics Today, Monday (March 18, 1919). How come?

They claim that, on average, Mercury is near Earth more often than Venus. This is because Mercury has a smaller orbit to the sun.

The average distance of Mercury from the Earth revealed by the research team is 0.39 Astronomical Unit (AU), or 39% of the distance between the Earth and the Sun. While the average distance from the Earth to Venus is 0.72 AU.

In the same study, they also concluded that Mercury is on average the closest neighbor to all planets in the solar system. This even applies to Pluto, whose status has now become a dwarf planet.

However, the Stockman, Monroe, and Cordner trio continue to recognize that the old method of calling Venus the closest planet to Earth was not entirely wrong. This is because both have a smaller distance from the average distance from Mercury-Earth when it is closest to the ground.

Earth and Venus are only at a distance of 0.28 AE when they are at the nearest point. While the farthest distance that can be produced by both is 1.72 AU, almost twice the distance from the earth to the sun.

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