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Control of hypertension, lower risk of heart failure

indopos.co.id – People with hypertension must control blood pressure to reduce more than 50 percent of the risk of heart failure, which is the highest cause of death.

Chairman of the Indonesian Society of Hypertension (InaSH) of Tunggul D Situmorang, SpPD-KGH, FINASIM in Jakarta said that lowering blood pressure for people with hypertension reduces the risk of stroke by 40 percent, heart attacks by 25 percent and heart failure with more 50 percent.

He said the number of hypertension cases was at an alarming level where 34.1 percent of the entire Indonesian population had high blood pressure.

If it is not checked early, hypertension is a prefix disease before moving on to other diseases such as kidney failure, diabetes, stroke and heart problems.

"Kidney failure mainly causes hypertension and then diabetes." Cardiovascular disease and kidney failure are the diseases that absorb the highest costs, the cause of hypertension, "Tunggul said in Jakarta, Friday (05/17/2019).

In fact, hypertension is a disease that can be prevented and controlled by changing the lifestyle to be healthier.

He explained that the most important lifestyle in an attempt to lower blood pressure is to reduce salt intake.

In addition, by eating healthy food, exercising regularly, maintaining the ideal body weight and measuring waist circumference every day, limiting alcohol, quitting smoking, limiting caffeine, managing stress and regularly monitoring health. (Ant)

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