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Families of the victims of KKB Photographing in Papua Even hope that the bodies are buried in their areas

TORAJA UTARA, KOMPAS.com – Two victims of the shooting in Nduga Papua, namely Anugrah Tandi Rannu and Alpianus, were declared dead. This was transferred by the victim's family when they met at their residence in Poya Hamlet, Lembang Katun Poya, Kapala Pitu Sub-District, North Toraja, South Sulawesi, Friday (12/07/2018).

The tears of the family can not be stopped if they hear that families in Papua are being killed.

Nelson Salempang, the biological father of Anugrah Tandi Rannu who was a shooting victim, claimed to have secured the death of their child against survivors, namely Martinus Sampe. At the moment Martinus Sampe is being treated in a hospital in Wamena Papua.

"That afternoon around 10:00 am Martinus's survivors gave information to their parents who told me, be patient because our son named Anugerah Tandi Rannu died," he said.

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Meanwhile, Anita Limbu Datu, who was also the victim's wife on behalf of Alpianus, confirmed that her husband had been shot dead by the armed criminal group (KKB) in Papua.

Anita said that her husband Alpianus planned to celebrate Christmas with his family in North Toraja, but fate said differently.

"He has said that he and his family will be attending Christmas in Toraja, and he has even had time to say that if he left the location of his work, he would send money," he said, crying.

The families of the two victims hoped that the bodies of the deceased Anugrah Tandi Rannu and Alpianus could be buried in their native region, namely in the village Katun Poya, Kapala Pitu District, North Toraja.

Up to now. the second house of the shooting victim was shrouded in deep sadness. Family and family members continue to arrive and tear up in the funeral home.

It is known that the two victims are still a family group, who work as employees of PT Istaka Karya who carry out the construction of the Trans Papua road project.

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