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Gojek drivers in Bandung Sukes buy houses and cars

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – One of the Gojek drivers in Bandung, Tobanjar, told about his success in buying a house and a car after working as a partner at the unicorn company.

In the program & # 39; Chat Bareng Gojek & # 39; Tobanjar said that in the first two months he earned income that could be used to repay the house. The man himself joined Gojek in 2015.

Tobanjar was previously a skin collector of cattle.

"Initially I became a Go-Ride driver, but it turned out that in the first two months I had received Rp. 13 million in income that I used to pay back the house while I borrowed my brother – the chat this week.

In addition, he can also buy a motorcycle for his wife and pay repayments for her brother's deposit to buy a car. At the moment, Tobanjar said, his brother is a Go-Car partner for 1 year.

He is also happy because Gojek offers a special function for partners, namely Chat, with which you can save credit.

In addition, Tobanjar said, there are also functions appreciation customers who help to further improve the quality of services provided to customers, as well as revenue recapitulation features to manage finances.

Continuous innovation

West Java and Banten Gojek Wildan Kesuma, Head of Regional Affairs, said the special features are the innovation of the company to improve the well-being of partners. He ensures that the innovation will continue.

"We always ensure that the innovations presented support the superior quality of Gojek services, it doesn't stop there, we also initiate the Mitra Learning Workshop (BBM) and develop the Gojek Swadaya program," said Wildan.

The program & # 39; Chat Bareng Gojek & # 39; in Ramadan is an event of inspiration for partners. The series of events that began on May 14 was included talk show, question and answer session with selected partners, door price and a joint photo session. (Asa)

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