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Google accused of sabotaging Firefox for 10 years

KOMPAS.com – Former General Manager and VP of Mozilla & # 39; s Firefox Group, Jonathan Nightingale, accused Google of sabotaging browser Firefox intentionally and systematically.

Nightingale said that this sabotage has been carried out over the past ten years to encourage the adoption of Google & # 39; s own Chrome browser.

In series chatter Last week, Nightingale published that Google actually collaborated with Mozilla to share the results of the Firefox search function.

Share income This will be 90 years contributing to 90 percent of Firefox's revenue. Nightingale works at Mozilla. "When I first started working on Mozilla in 2007, Google Chrome didn't exist yet," Nightingale squeaked.

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According to Nightingale, the relationship between the two companies began to be difficult when Google released the Chrome browser in 2008. Google has done that now browser which competes directly with Firefox, but both parties continue to work together to share results search.

Here is the cause of the problem, he continued. Since having Chrome products online Google starts to act weird when it is accessed with the Firefox browser.

"Gmail and docs are starting to experience performance issues and bugs in Firefox. The demo site will block Firefox because it thinks browser "incompatible," which is not the case, "said Nightingale.

Every time Mozilla complains about product problems with Google in Firefox. Google always says it is unintended and immediately resolves it in a matter of weeks. But similar problems always repeat themselves, hundreds of times over the years.

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In fact, said Nightingale, a Google caliber technology company, don't always make the same mistakes. Every time Firefox encounters a problem, the user leaves browser That is Mozilla.

As a result, Firefox has gradually lost the user group that has been moved to Chrome, as summarized Compass Tekno from ZD NetOn Friday (4/19/2019).

The latest data from NetMarketShare show that Chrome now manages the browser market market share more than 65 percent. Meanwhile, Firefox only has a share of around 9 percent.

Nightingale is not the only Mozilla manager who intentionally accused Google of sabotaging Fifefox.

In July 2018, Mozilla & # 39; s program manager Chris Peterson once accused Google of deliberately delaying YouTube's performance in Firefox.

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Peterson said that Microsoft & # 39; s Firefox and browser Edge were faster than Chrome in loading YouTube video.

To tackle the two competitors, Peterson said, Google switched to use library JavaScript that is not supported by Firefox and Edge on YouTube. performance loading Second YouTube browser even slipped up to 5 times slower.

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