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Healthy lifestyle is not difficult, but why does Lazy do it?

TEMPO.CO, Jakartalifestyle Unhealthy people, especially food, is a reason why people's satisfaction with health declines. This fact was revealed in the AIA Healthy Living Index survey of 2018.

This also corresponds with the findings of Basic Health Research or Riskesdas 2018. Nutrition specialist Raisa E. Djuanda said that lifestyle such as an unhealthy diet is directly proportional to the increase in the prevalence of non-communicable diseases.

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"Adopting healthy eating patterns is not as difficult as you can imagine – as a first step, you multiply the consumption of fruit and vegetables and limit the consumption of packaged food," he said.

He said that total fat intake should not exceed 30 percent of the total energy intake for fruit and vegetable consumption, which is at least 400 grams per day.

"In addition, people are advised to keep portions while consuming high-calorie foods. A balanced diet and regular exercise can help reduce the risk of obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases," he explains.

Laila Munaf, zumba instructor and owner of Sana Studio, added that sports today is so easy to do. Various sports facilities have arisen, not only in large cities.

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"Extensive access to information also makes it easier for people to find different information about sports so that sport at home can be effective," said Laila.

The most important, he continued, is the desire and the awareness to actively lead a healthy life and to exercise regularly. With a healthy life, we can enjoy a quality life, "he added.

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