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If you want Eid to Jakarta, sorry you can't pay the toll

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – To unravel congestion during the Lebaran 2019 homecoming flow, the government will implement a one-way lane on the Cikampek toll road from 30 May to 2 June 2019. A way from Km 29 GT Cikarut to the West Brebes toll road Km 262.

Because of this transfer, motorists from Central Java or other places with a destination to Jakarta or the route being passed a way cannot pay the toll. They are diverted to the national road, namely the Pantura line that starts at the exit of the West Brebes toll road.

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"Because when the homecoming flows, the road becomes superfluous and passes a little (in the direction of Jakarta) compared to the vehicle that comes out (in the direction of Central Java), at least 20-30 percent. So we switch from east (Semarang) to Pantura, "said Kabag Ops Korlantas Polri commissioner Pol Benjamin Compass.com, Thursday (16.05.2019).

Pol Commissioner Benjamin said, although it seemed to push aside the needs of other road users, this was necessary in an urgent situation. Without going home, it is now known that Cikampek has stalled due to development.

"So we socialize that if someone wants to go from Semarang to Jakarta, they have to walk on May 29, so they don't get hit a wayEven with residents of Bandung, if they go to Jakarta, they can pass through Puncak. It must also be solid there, but the most important thing is that it flows, "

after a way when going back and forth for four days May 30 – June 2, 2019 will be continued with a way backflow that is 8-10 June 2019. The goal is to unravel the accumulation of vehicles that will invade Jakarta.

"If we don't do this, the traffic jam in Cikampek can get stuck, of course we don't want the experience to happen again. If there is a traffic jam, it will happen, but the most important thing is the way, not to shut up or shut up, said Benjamin.

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