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If you want to buy a new phone, Indonesians need 14 days to think about it

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Indonesians need at least 14 days before they finally decide to buy a smartphone. The findings were revealed by Google in the Smartphone Insight 2019 study.

"Time to consider before buying a smartphone for about 2 weeks starts with research, followed by comparing specifications and seeing review, "said Yudistira Nugroho, Senior Tech Analyst & Telco Google Indonesia, Wednesday (05/08/2019).

Yudis said, the first day would be to search through search engines what cell phones buy.

"They usually enter keywords such as" cheap phones "and so on. As many as 71 percent say brands that were not invented, so after research, they start considering," Yudis continued.

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After finding different choices, potential buyers will compare specifications and prices on day 1 to day 13. According to Yudis, the comparative site for many mobile phones is a reference rather than the official site of the mobile phone supplier.

Surveys prove that 64 percent of consumers feel helped by a comparison site. After comparing the text, potential buyers will conduct visual research through the channel device which is easy to find on YouTube.

"By growth"The keyword" review "increased by 40 percent on YouTube in 2018, also for smartphones," said Yudis.

This growth is supported by variations in the existing content, ranging from cheap phone overviews, unboxing, special cell phone gamingAnd so on. Yudis also said that many consumers are looking for promotions, including bundling, to get a more affordable price.

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According to a Google survey, the search for bundling mobile phones in 2018 increased by 20 percent. After research and comparisons, consumers have usually decided on the 14th day. They look for points of sale offline of which the market share is still 69 percent in Indonesia.

"One reason (offline is still big), that person still needs it personal approach (experience with direct products) because this is an expensive product, "said Yudis.

outlets offline also a destination for consumers who are looking for cell phones bundling with certain operators.

May be different

Nevertheless, Djatmiko Wardoyo, Director of Communications Marketing at PT Erajaya Swasembada (Erafone), one of the largest retailers in Indonesia, said the field survey might be different.

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"In the field that we see, it is different in different ways," said the man who was known as Koko.

"Because another 3 to 5 products will be released in 14 days, he (the consumer) will become dizzy again. For me personally, 14 days to consider buying the handphone too long," he continued.

Unfortunately, Yudis has not specifically explained whether this consideration applies to all smartphone groups or only to specific segments. He also did not describe in more detail the demographic data relating to the survey conducted.

This survey was conducted online by Google among 1,730 respondents older than 18 years. The target respondents are those who have bought smartphones in the last three months.

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