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Ivan Fals breaks the option lead, 01 or 02?

The leak of Ivan Fals proved shocking.

to dream – Ivan Fals has promised to reveal his chosen leader. The promise was conveyed through his uploads on social media twitter,

Singer named Virgiawan Listanto eventually leaked out the candidate of his choice. But not the presidential candidate number 01 or 02.

The leading figure par excellence Iwan Fals is his wife, Rosana, or better known as Mbak Yos.

"H-0 … this is my driver."Iwan Fals wrote in his teasing on April 15, 2019.

In the next quiz, this 57-year-old man says that choosing a state leader is important.

Iwan therefore decided to keep his choices public.

"Let's choose the country leader. It's important, so let me, Sound Box & God knows, Happy Monday Calm,"he said.

    Iwan Fals

The day before, Iwan also pointed out why he did not keep his promise to announce his chosen leader.

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