Leaked Love Bond Sunday December 6, 2020, Al confirms to Andin Elsa is not the ideal type of Cie Cie

STYLE JOURNAL—- RCTI, returned to broadcasting the new MNC Pictures romantic drama soap opera. This soap, directed by Doddy Djanas, titled Ikatan Cinta, premiered on Monday (19/10), 7.30pm WIB.

The following is leaked from the soap Bond of Love of Sunday 6 December 2020:

Although he also continues to search for evidence that he did nothing. Suddenly, Bu Panti called to ask Al and Andin to come to the orphanage, because Reyna really wanted to meet. Al also asked Andin to go to the orphanage to meet Reyna.

The meeting between Andin and Reyna was moving. Because they both miss each other. When Andin arrived, Reyna didn’t even want to eat because her mother wanted to feed her.

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Andin also plays with Reyna. Suddenly Al. Reyna hugged Al because she really missed her father.

Andin looked cold to Al. Al also asked why Andin kept declining his phone. Although Andin didn’t want to play. Though Andin wanted to believe it. But Andin asks what evidence Al can provide. Meanwhile, Elsa can provide curette result invoice. Al was silent.

After being satisfied with playing with Reyna Al and Andin, they returned home. However, Andin took all of his belongings from Al’s room.

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Andin is still sulking at Al. He moved to another room and did not want to share a room with Al. Then Al Andin followed. But Andin’s door was closed.

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