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NASA encounters full-size planets

NASA encounters full-size planetsSource: NASA & # 39; s Goddard Space Flight Center

After shifting a year ago, NASA & # 39; s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) vehicle discovered a solar system on the outer planet or on earth exoplanets. This planet is called HD21749c, which is only 53 light years away from the earth. It is possible, the planet is uninhabited. Reporting Engadget (17/4), this finding was able to fulfill the mission of TESS to catalog thousands of replacement planet candidates.

This newly identified planet is the smallest world in our solar system that TESS has seen. The data from the space probe shows that HD21749c surrounds its star every 7.8 days, meaning that it has a tight orbit that makes surface temperatures up to 426 degrees Celsius.


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Currently, TESS has found 10 smaller planets from Neptune, and its ability to find planets is a good indicator that it can find other small planets.

Earlier, the predecessor of TESS, Kepler, ran out of fuel and became space waste. This vehicle has been notified of having 2,662 planets, many of which are Earth-sized. But because the planet is very far away, it is rather difficult to learn.

On the other hand, TESS looks at planets closer to the earth so that scientists can study it, for example to determine planetary mass. Then the astronomical team behind this discovery will give it a try. If this succeeds, we can make the first mass measurement of a planet on Earth.

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