NASA is preparing a human burial on the moon worth Rp 176 million

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The ashes of people cremated on Earth will turn to month. It will be one of the programs NASA related to human commercial funeral services on the moon.

However, the burial was not in the form of an intact human corpse. Celestis, a Texas memorial company, will provide more than a dozen capsules containing human ashes and their DNA for the flight to the moon.

NASA is calling the mission Luna 2, which will be launched to the moon in July 2021 in the so-called Lacus Mortis region.

At the launch of The New York Post, only one revolutionary planetary scientist, Eugene Shoemaker, is buried on the surface of the moon to date.

“The Celestis commemorative capsule will remain on the moon as a final tribute to the brave soul that never stops reaching for the stars,” said Celestis.

The funeral package, the partnership between NASA and Celestis, will cost $ 12,500 or Rp.176.5 million. For the July 2020 flight, NASA would have compiled a list of the ashes of the bodies that would be buried on the moon.

NASA lunar geologist Mareta West will determine the capsule’s landing and scattering of ash as part of a mission on the moon.

The Celestis’ burial will be brought to the surface of the moon by a spacecraft made by Astrobotic, a privately held US robotics company.

The Peregrine Lander will be the first US spacecraft to land on the moon since the Apollo mission.

Peregrine Mission One is launched by the United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan Centaur missile, Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Astrobotic itself, which News launched, was selected by NASA in 2019 with a contract worth $ 79.5 million to bring a payload to the moon.

In addition to the Celestis capsule, the Pittsbugrh-based company will use its landings to deploy scientific and technological demonstration equipment.

Previously, Aura Flights, a company based in Sheffield, England, used weather balloons to disperse people’s ashes up to 30 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.

In 2018, the American company Elysium Flights launched one gram of ash from 100 people outside of orbit on a SpaceX rocket.

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