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No need to air the audience, just be able to

Jakarta – Kylian Mbappe opens the possibility to take a big responsibility from Paris Saint-Germain. A big signal for Real Madrid.

Mbappe had previously revealed that he was ready to accept a bigger challenge at another club, if PSG could not give it. In his statement, the 20-year-old player also felt at the second turning point in his career.

Believed, Mbappe wants to be placed at the same level as Neymar. PSG responded to the player's statement by emphasizing that their collaboration will continue in the following season.

Madrid is expected to try to make an offer after the statement by Mbappe. Los Blancos tries to get top names after a bad season.

PSG trainer Thomas Tuchel was not surprised that Mbappe showed great ambitions in his statement. He only regretted that the player had revealed it to the public.

"My feelings are mixed, he has big goals that he wants to achieve and has a lot of confidence," Tuchel said Marca,

"That is why he decided to send the message to whoever it is, he has his own ideas and he is very smart, he knows what to do and when to do it."

"On the other hand, the door is open for him to take more responsibility, just like the others, there is no need to say it in public, you just have to do it every day: come on time, sleep, eat and play with professionals, "he added.

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