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Orders for airline tickets in Traveloka Down

Jakarta – One of the technology companies that provides end-to-end transportation services, namely Traveloka, noted a decline in the use of aircraft transport modes in the first quarter of 2019.

Head of Growth Management Transportation Product Traveloka Iko Putera said the decline occurred in accordance with the issuance of expensive airline tickets. Nevertheless, Iko claimed that his party could not open the data in detail as to how much the purchase took place.

"The industry has an impact: one of the largest airline ticket sales on the plane, of course there is an impact," Iko said in a joint event at the Century Park Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (14-05-2019).

Iko only said that the decline in the first quarter occurred on domestic flights. For now, Iko said, the plane is still the most ordered transport in Traveloka, up to 67%.

"Domestic first quarter compared with BPS data reflects the market, Traveloka has declined, I cannot share, but there is indeed a" decline "," he explained.

While I am going for the homecoming activities in 2019, Iko estimates that airline ticket bookings will increase. Because, he said, usually the high season period when booking plane tickets for planes is on Lebaran's 15th day.

"But before I get home I see it still exists, ask is still increasing. At least from the search page people still see, still hoping to buy plane tickets. So we still have hope on the Eid issue. The plane is still increasing, there are still indications, "he explained.

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Orders for airline tickets in Traveloka Down

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