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Please note, this weekend is Full Moon Blue

VIVA – This weekend, observers around the world will be treated to amazing astronomical achievements, namely full blue moon.

The full blue moon takes place overnight on May 18, 2019. But don't expect to see a blue moon. Because of the nickname blue Moon has nothing to do with color.

Historically, the term blue moon was used to describe rare events, namely extra full moon. Because in general the full moon moments occur three days in a period. But in May there will be four full days. Well, the fourth is called the blue moon.

Native Americans call Full Flower Moon this month. The reason is because it coincides with spring when flowers begin to bloom.

Quote from mirror, Monday May 13, 2019, NASA explained that the blue moon is a special phenomenon because it is the & # 39; extra & # 39; month is. He usually only comes every two and a half years. If you miss a full blue moon this year, you have to wait until the weather happens on August 22, 2021.

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