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Proof of antivirus is not effective to clean Android

KOMPAS.com – A report published by the Austrian antivirus testing firm AV-Comparatives revealed surprising results.

The study revealed that it turned out to be mainly software antivirus on Android is not effective in cleaning up viruses and malware.

In its research AV-Comparatives have tested 250 antivirus programs on Android.

Of the study, only 80 antiviruses were able to detect more than 30 percent of the 2,000 malicious applications used as test material.

According to reports, researchers from AV-Comparatives took all these antiviruses from no fewer than 138 sellers. There are a number of major supplier names included, such as Avast, AVG, BitDefender, McAfee, Symantec, etc.

cited Compass Tekno from NDTV on Monday (3/18/2019), instead of using an emulator, the researchers tested all antivirus programs that they had chosen for this study manually.

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These researchers installed an antivirus program on an Android device and then set the device to open browser and download the malicious application automatically.

This process is then performed 2000 times and as a result, most antiviruses cannot work effectively to detect viruses or malware.

Although, according to the AV-Comparatives team, all malicious applications used as test material are the most common Android malware that appeared in 2018. So it should be, the detection speed of antivirus software can be 90 and even 100 percent effective.

Even in some cases, a number of investigated antiviruses even detect themselves as malicious applications. This happens because the antivirus software did not place the application in the "whitelist" that was created.

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