Rarely show off photos together with Couples in Medos Sign of Happy Relations – VIVA

VIVA – Among friends around you or people you follow on social media, there must be someone who likes to show intimate photos with their husbands or wives on their social media accounts. Although it is considered normal, but the habit turned out to have an influence on their relationship.

One expert in the relationship warned that it often flooded social media pages selfie or the status of their relationship and partner, not always a sign of their happiness. And couples who look very intimate can have serious problems.

Quoted from the page The sun, relationship expert Nikki Goldstein Daily post from Australia say, intimate photos on social media are more about getting & # 39;sympathies& # 39; compared with a sincere relationship. While the happiest couples often derive their intimacy from exposure to social media.

"Often people who upload the most are people who want validation for their relationships from other social media users," Nikki said.

Nikki continued, & # 39;sympathies"And comments can hugely confirm that when someone is faced with a problem, this is where they get recognition, not as someone who shows body language, but what others will say about the picture.

"You see someone who is very focused on taking & # 39; trusts & # 39 ;, relationship selfie, and also look for filters hashtag the right person is someone who loses the moment ", Nikki added.

Couples who make such photos and upload them directly to social media will be busy watching. & # 39;sympathiesand comments that come, instead of focusing on the couple.

Especially if your partner has already written caption such as & # 39; my husband & # 39 ;, & # 39; my boyfriend & # 39 ;, which is another warning as they begin to be possessive.

"There are many people who want to show off their friends and the world when the person next to them is their property," Nikki said.

There is nothing wrong with uploading photos with your partner, but Nikki suggests that you will keep the activity fun and entertaining instead of impressing and possessing it.

"Nobody wants to see a shipment because of a mission that shows how amorous and extraordinary people are," Nikki added.

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