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Receive 4 of this information on packaging labels

Based on a survey conducted by the Food and Drug Inspection Agency (BPOM), only 37 percent of people understood the label of packaging products. Although the information on the package label is very important to maintain your diet and the amount of food you consume. Reading labels with food packaging is also very important for those of you who follow a certain diet. You can therefore determine which nutrients you use.

There are four important information that you can know about packaging labels, namely:

1. Energy

On packaging labels there is usually information about how much energy the packaged food contains. If the amount of energy you use is greater than the amount of energy you burn, you will experience weight gain. You can burn energy by doing sufficient exercise and exercise. By knowing the amount of energy in food, you can calculate how much exercise or exercise you need to do.

2. Measuring serving

Information in Nutritional Value Information (ING) is information based on one portion. Some packaged food products may contain more than one portion. So if you eat multiple portions, you have increased the amount of energy and other food intake.

3. Nutrition

By reading nutritional information, you can choose packaged foods that can meet your daily nutritional needs.

4. Figures for Nutrition Adequacy (AKG)

The packaging label also contains a percentage of the amount of nutrients in packaged food. AKG is based on the recommended amount of nutrients for the population of Indonesia. By reading it, you can find out what percent of your nutritional needs are being met.

Article by Rianti Fajar

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