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Reported to Bawaslu, This is the answer from Ridwan Kamil

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Governor West Java, Ridwan Kamil, said he always kept to the rules as the State Civil Device (ASN) in the period prior to the 2019 election.

This statement was transferred to the election committee (Bawaslu) by the Indonesian Advocates reports from the Mobile Team (TAIB).

Ridwan Kamil was reported for alleged off-schedule campaigns.

"No, I think journalists also check if I live up to the rules, so whatever I do is always based on principle," said Ridwan Kamil, who is usually called Emil, when he visits the residence of vice presidential candidate number 01 Ma & # 39: ruin Amin, at Jalan Situbondo. , Menteng, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (02/12/2019).

Earlier, the TAIB reporter accused Ridwan Kamil of campaigning about the method of the general assembly, which was only considered 21 days before the quiet period, namely March 24 – April 13, 2019.

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The campaign, according to the reporter, was carried out when Ridwan Kamil attended the 93rd anniversary of NU and NU Muslimat in the Merdeka Kerkop Field, Garut Regency, Saturday (9/2/2019).

The event was held in conjunction with the declaration of support for the Jokowi-Ma & # 39; Aruf Amin pair of volunteer Jokowi Garut (Jogar).

According to the reporter, based on the video recordings that were the proof of reporting, Ridwan Kamil saw political speeches for the crowd.

The oration, "That is why the champion shouted when I called Garut. I called West Java, shouted the champion. I shouted 01, called the champion".

According to Emil, the speech was not carried out during the NU Muslim program, but during the statement of Joko Widodo-Ma & # 39; Amin ruined, whose activities were held separately.

"The activity I attended was divided into two: first, the Muslim NU and the second was the statement. I made the speech during the declaration or the second event. The host also called me a Western Javanese figure, without my position, so I kept to the rules, "Emil.

Emil said, campaign issues can only be carried out by ASN at the weekend and during this time he adhered to these rules.

"On the stage there are also clearly written statements, not NU events," said Emil.

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