SHIO PROPHECY Monday 23 November 2020: Good Chance for the Rat, the great dream of the constellation Monkey

FIXPEKANBARU.COM – The Chinese zodiac sign is the Chinese zodiac that uses animals to represent the year, month and time in Chinese astrology.

Note that the year 2020 the main zodiac element is metal with the animal sign or zodiac rat. So that 2020 is also called the year of the metal rat.

The Chinese year runs from January 25, 2020 to February 11, 2021.

View your zodiac sign for Monday November 23, 2020, quoted from horoscope.


Keeping things as they are can be difficult these days. People are rethinking the way they function.

This is a real opportunity to be more in tune with who you are and where you live. A positive attitude can break through difficult problems. Broaden your horizons.


Today’s energy can provide unexpected romantic opportunities. Someone serious enough or known to have common sense can get your attention.

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