Stress and rocking teeth without a cause can also cause the risk of oral cancer

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Bbsnews – According to the 2012 GLOBOCAN data, the incidence of oral cancer in the world is 2.8 percent of 100,000 for men and 1.9 percent of 100,000 for women, of which 11 percent are from Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. Mouth cancer has 9 factors such as tobacco consumption, alcohol consumption, chewing and transmission of the virus, for example via oral sex.

According to Dr. Drg. Sri Hananto Seno, SpBM (K), MM, chairman of the Indonesian Dentist Organization (PDGI), however, there are several other factors that can cause oral cancer, including mental health problems such as stress and depression.

"My patients are nearly 58 percent all because of stress factors, for example, her husband had an affair, his wife thought she would be stressed and eventually developed oral cancer, and although it can not be called one cause, there are links. also a surprise for me ", said Dr. Seno on the prevention of death from oral cavity cancer by detecting early pre-cancerous lesions at DLab Cocowork, Central Jakarta, Thursday (12/13/2018).

Dr. Seno found that number with his patients by asking if there were any personal problems that he had to deal with. And apparently most of them claim that they have had personal problems that can not be made public or buried long enough.

He mentioned one case, a man who had oral cancer to & amp; # amputation & # 39; to experience in which part of his bones and tongue had to be cut off because of the growth of the malignant tumor. But when he saw his background, he had no major risk factors, but he admitted that he had been depressed for years by the chaotic financial affairs.

Stress or burden of the mind for a long time can bring about changes in the body's immune system and defense systems, he continued. These changes will gradually affect the cells of the body to mutate and eventually become a malignant tumor that has the potential to become cancer.

Then the tooth that shakes without cause can also be one of the causes, as well as a possible sign of oral cancer. Dr. Seno explained, shaking the teeth without a cause and doing no pain because of the loss of periodontal tissue that supports the teeth, and could possibly cause cancer to grow between the tissue layers so that they are not ignored.

Quoted from, the main symptom of oral cancer that is commonly recognized is a canker that is not sick and does not leave for more than a month. Checking the condition of the oral cavity by checking your mouth or SAMURI is recommended to check if there are differences in the shape, color, size and flexibility of the mucous membrane (soft tissue) in the mouth or the presence of pre-stages of cancer such as thrush or bumps.



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