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Stretching the New Concept, Huawei Prepare the Experience Store 3.5

Jakarta, Selular.ID – Since 2018, Huawei Indonesia has improved itself. This year the company started to show changes in a positive direction.

The indication can be seen in the launch of high-end products that are closer to the global schedule and the emergence of the first High-End Experience Store (HES) in Indonesia.

"We already have one in Jakarta, then the High-end Experience Store is present in Surabaya," said Lo Khing Seng, vice-country director of Huawei CBG, at an iftar with Huawei, in Jakarta, Thursday (17-05-) 2019).

Step on the floor, Lo Khing Seng has planned to have 10 HES in Indonesia by the end of 2019.

In addition to HES, Huawei also has a regular store called the Experience Store. This year the company wants to build 100 Experience Store 3.5 points throughout Indonesia.

"We plan to open 100 Experience Store 3.5 points, including conversions from old stores. We will duplicate this new concept," says Khing Seng.

Lo Khing Seng admitted that there are currently many Huawei experience stores across Indonesia, but this year the company wants to build with a new concept called Experience Store 3.5.

"The difference in Experience Store 3.5 from the previous will be seen from the store's identity and the design is more premium. The concept is simpler, refined, modern, clean, not many material combinations, but what real premiums can represent," said Lo Khing Seng.

The new concept of the Experience Store 3.5 still seems to be under construction, because Lo Khing Seng cannot answer the question how many points there are.

Then Lo Khing Seng explained, Huawei has three store categories, but the goal is the same and offers an experience store.

"The difference is the size of the store itself and the completeness of the product." At HES there are also high-end service centers and IoT products that are sold there, "he explained.

While the Experience Store (which was later converted to 3.5) has a narrower size of approximately 100 square meters. Due to the limited space, there are also fewer lines, and only focused on mobile phones and accessories.

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