The more advanced, the Samsung Boyong OLED Panel, the mobile screen can be a loudspeaker

TRIBUNWOW.COM – The South Korean mobile giant, Samsung, reportedly will bring an OLED panel that can produce sound reproduction.

The function replaces the loudspeaker. It is predicted that this will create a mobile screen that is completely borderless and full screen, by changing the function of the physical speaker.

The Samsung panel entitled Sound on Display (SoD) will be on display at the CES 2019 Technology Fair in January.

Samsung Sound on Display illustration
Samsung Sound on Display (Slashgear) illustration

Earlier, Samsung had introduced this technology last October, but it has not been exhibited commercially.

The OLED SoD panel, introduced a few months ago, was manufactured by Samsung Display, a division that focuses on creating screens.

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In other words, it is possible that the sound mechanism of this screen can be adapted to the mobile phones of other suppliers, who use the OLED panels from Samsung, including TV devices that will also follow the width of the SoD technology.

As far as the sound mechanism is concerned, the way the SoD works is quite simple.

Suction components that have just been implanted just under the screen then deliver sound through a vibration.

Not only through the panel will this vibration also flow through the frame of the mobile phone, causing noise.

Sound technology embedded in this panel is also not new and Samsung is not the first supplier to use it.

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