The sister of Ayu Ting Ting entered the hospital, Umi Kalsum: be careful and protect my happiness

TRIBUNWOW.COM – The sister of the sword cock from Ayu Ting, Asyifa Nuraini Ting, is known as hospitalized.

This can be seen in the upload of the mother Ayu Ting Ting, Umi Kalsum on her personal Instagram @ mom_ayting92_ on Tuesday (13-11-2018).

In the upload, Syifa was in a hospital bed with an infusion and an oxygen tube.

Next to him is Ayu Ting Ting who embraces the sister faithfully.

Umi Kalsum seemed to pray for the health of her youngest daughter through her upload title.

For him Ayu and Syifa are happiness and life, so that Umi Kalsum will always pray for the best for both of them.

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"Take care of them, God protect them, ye, God revives, @syifaasyifaaa aminn, because they are happy, God, my life is aminn," write Umi Kalsum.

The upload of Umi Kalsum was immediately flooded with remarks from Warganet that helped pray for the recovery of Syifa.

As written by the account @sriyulyanti_sh: "hopefully it will get better soon, syfa deck,"

"Fast, healthy, God, Amen," write down @priyantyagustin.

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