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These 5 Approaches Help Press Natural Anxiety

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – Anxiety and stress are among the most common mental health problems in adults. This requires an effective way of controlling anxiety, without medical dependence.

Keep in mind that most people think that stress and anxiety are the same. Both are in fact very different circumstances. Anxiety is a mental state / feeling that precedes an unwanted future. so that anxiety causes stress.

To overcome this fear, here are five simple things that can be used to promote physical health and reduce anxiety naturally, quoted from the psychology method.

1. A clean diet
A nutrient-rich diet has many benefits. One is to reduce anxiety and improve moodAlthough there is no such thing as a perfect diet, some simple changes can help you avoid anxiety. Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic drinks because they both give rise to anxious thoughts and behavior.

2. Bring yourself closer to God
By worshiping and praying in every religion, it has a great advantage in every aspect of daily life. One of the virtues is the elimination of fear.

3. Meditation
Meditation and yoga have so many health benefits. Meditation can be done anytime and anywhere and is the most common way to practice attention. By stopping all activities, relaxing the body and focusing on what's around you, anxiolytic effects (anti-anxiety drugs) that you can feel right away while helping to ward off fear.

4. Move your body
Research shows that exercise, such as walking for 10 minutes, can significantly reduce anxiety. So, in just a few short steps a day, we can get all the daily exercises we need. Outdoor walks also have a better fear-relieving effect, while they also offer the opportunity to practice increasing attention.

5. Follow the routine
It appears that following a routine, especially with regard to eating and sleeping, is very important for managing stress and anxiety. Consistency allows us to eradicate the source of our fear. Very often enough sleep every night is sufficient to improve mood and overall health.

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