These tips for the car is not wasteful

Jakarta – Having a car with automatic transmission is usually associated with fuel consumption, which is more wasteful compared to manual cars. Although Otolovers can also save gas when driving an automatic car! Well, here are the tips of Suzuki Auto Blog driving tips for automatic cars, so the petrol is not wasteful.

1. Hold Momentum
Just like in physics, the less energy is used, the less fuel consumption. Otolovers must maintain the momentum while driving. This means that you do not feel too heavy and cringe when you drive it. Speed ​​consistency is required when driving an automatic car.

2. Keep the feet away from the brake pedal
Do not place your feet on the brake pedal. Even if the feet of Otolovers just hang over the brake pedal, the car remains under pressure, which also affects fuel consumption. As indicated by How Stuff Works, this generates unnecessary loads on the engine and transmission. In addition, the brakes can also wear quickly.

3. Suitable tire pressure
It is good that Otolovers diligently checks the tire pressure before traveling by car. Maintaining the correct tire pressure can increase fuel consumption. In addition to being able to save gasoline, accident prevention can also be prevented by maintaining the right tire pressure.

4. No need to rush
Driving like racing? If possible, this habit is avoided, Otolovers. Rapid braking and then accelerating has a major impact on fuel consumption. Driving aggressively, gasoline can save 33 percent more while driving on the highway. Accelerate it casually without having to gas.

5. Buy gasoline in cold weather
There are some circles that say that filling petrol in cold weather can be more economical. The reason is that the liquid petrol can expand in warm weather. While the temperature is cooler, the gasoline may be denser. It is recommended to fill gas in the morning.

6. Cared for
Just like the body, the car must also be treated. The car will function properly, including fuel savings if conditions are right. Spend time on Otolovers to take the time to go to the workshop for periodic maintenance. It is supposed to save fuel by up to 10 percent. Regular maintenance also ensures that the components of the car last a long time.

7. Use of the cruise control function
If the Otolovers cars are advanced and have cruise control functions, it is recommended to use them. Cruise control can ensure that the car is running at a constant speed. Constant speed certainly affects the consumption of petrol, which will be more efficient. (dry / ddn)

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