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This is the conversation in the WA group that ends the play of Bogem in the Bali DPRD

BALI EXPRESS, DENPASAR – Bali was captivated by the noisy behavior of two Bali DPRD members in the whatsapp (WA) group and ended in fists in the Bali courtroom on Tuesday (14/5). They are both members of the DPRD Bali PDIP Faction. Both strong figures. They are the chairman of the PDI-P DPRD Bali Faction Kadek Diana and secretary of Commission I Bali DPRD Dewa Nyoman Rai Adi. This newspaper managed to get a screenshot of his second interview that caused the commotion that made the scene.

At the beginning of the story delivered by Kadek Diana, he was beaten and eventually reported to the Bali regional police after performing a post-mortem. Later in the evening, Dewa Rai reported that he was also hit, but was persuaded until the stairs were finally swollen. So the direction of this case can be a fight, not a prosecution.

What is interesting is the start of the trigger for fists or "bulls sitting together", this is a challenge in the WA (whatsapp) group PDIP Perjuangan Faction. So far, nobody has been able to access the conversation. This newspaper tried to find information and conduct the conversation. Some sources are being pursued, indeed more will not open. Until it can finally be obtained.

In the screenshot of the conversation, indeed the chairman of the Kadek Diana faction who still fought. Until Dewa Rai finally bowed him down in the main DPRD session room in Bali while he said, "Ci dot guards, let's deal with jani (said we want to fight, let's fight)," said Dewa Rai.

How's the conversation? Based on the screenshots that this newspaper found that initially happened to each other in the group WA PDI Perjuangan Faction DPRD Bali. Kadek Diana finally wrote: "Those who are often present and who are rarely present, all nuts are already there. No more fishing in muddy water !! with me, easy person. Responsible and friendly, I have transferred my attitude and responsibility above, now please have the power to act. "

The statement of Kadek Diana was then answered by Dewa Rai, "Lord waooooww hebatttt !!"

Dewa Rai's comments were answered again by Kadek Diana. "And not just call yourself gentle … if you're ready to prove it now, if someone is challenging," said Kadek Diana.

The invitation to fight was immediately overwritten by Dewa Rai, "Ok, wait, who's nicer. Later, if you want to talk, fight; PROVE IT !!!

Kadek Diana has not stopped. He also answered "Ready Anytime !!!".

This newspaper tried to confirm Dewa Rai for this conversation. Dewa Rai admitted that he had been challenged to fight and indeed the conversation was true. "I still hold it, it's true that conversation. I was indeed challenged to fight, so I finally invited him to fight," Dewa Rai said when he was confirmed by telephone around 10 am Wednesday (5/15) .

This newspaper tried to confirm Kadek Diana, but the two cell phones were not canceled. A cell phone was waiting for the number Ebiet G Ade, but several times contact was not answered.

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