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#UbahHidupLo Campaign for free housewives and employees against HIV-AIDS

Liputan6.com, Jakarta HIV-AIDS is one of the infectious diseases that has become a global health problem, including Indonesia. The number of cases has increased from year to year.

Based on data from the Indonesian Ministry of Health, the cumulative incidence of HIV infection as of June 2018 was 301,959 people and 76.2 percent due to unprotected sexual relationships. Unfortunately, patients with the highest number of housewives and employees.

This phenomenon was caused by the low public awareness about HIV prevention. Suksma Ratri as an ODHA (people with HIV-AIDS since 2006) explained that housewives suffer from HIV-AIDS because they regard themselves as always safe. In fact, the group of boys already knew that spreading HIV and the virus was dangerous.

"But they forget, maybe there are couples who have taken risky actions (changing sexual partners, injecting drugs)," Ratri said.

Seeing this fact as he welcomed World Aids Day 2018 and fell on December 1, DKT Indonesia once again campaigned for #UbahHidupLo through the Silk Condom for the prevention of HIV-AIDS with healthy behavior.

"The momentum of World Aids Day is an opportunity for us to educate ourselves & # 39; to what extent we understand and know HIV-AIDS.Just 15 percent of women and 16 percent of men in Indonesia have extensive knowledge about HIV, HIV prevention measures for themselves, "explains project manager #UbahHidupLo Daniel Tirta.

The # UbahHidupLo campaign was held at the Car Free Day Sudirman event on Sunday (25/11). Various activities are carried out, varying from sports to prizes.

"The event on the CFD was actually the highlight of the event from a series of road shows from 23 working areas, and the event also invited the public to reduce the false idea of ​​PLWHA.

For your information: the # UbahHidupLo campaign was first socialized in early January 2017, with the community involved in 24 ports across Indonesia. This year, the silk condom leads to HIV-AIDS prevention in more than 23 working areas or 20 thousand people.

Prevention steps

The most common transmission of HIV is due to the habit of changing sexual partners without the use of safety equipment. Condoms are in fact not only used as contraceptives or contraception.

Condoms are effective tools to prevent infectious diseases such as HIV. The use of condoms is certainly very necessary for people with an increased risk of HIV. Condom use is included in the TTM prevention file.

Doctor in Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist from the hospital. Brawijaya Antasari, Tirsa Verani explained that TTM is an abbreviation and a step to prevent HIV-AIDS infection. (T) Self-reliance does not have sexual relations before marriage. (T) is loyal to one sexual partner. (M) is safe by using a condom during risky sexual intercourse.

In addition, Ratri added that women in general and housewives in particular invited to perform VCT (voluntary counseling and testing) tests to find out whether they are HIV-positive or negative. This test is also useful for the future of women who already know that their partners are at risk of HIV.

"So discover the health status of a partner who has taken a risky action, have no secret and there must be openness with a partner.If the results are HIV positive, you start planning health by further checking, to the size of the immune system, partner, "concluded Ratri.


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