Use new screen technology, 2019 iPhone is predicted as thinner iNews portal

CUPERTINO, – It is predicted that Apple will make a major design review on the iPhone 2019. In fact, the 2019 iPhone can be thinner than the current model.

According to reports from the Korean media ETNews, the 2019 iPhone will at least be thinner than the current model. Thinness was obtained through the use of new screen technology from Samsung.

The screen is currently working with OLED or LCD touch screens. However, Samsung has developed their own technology called Youm On-Cell Touch AMOLED (Y-OCTA).

Y-OCTA integrates the touch sensor into the screen panel itself and thus eliminates the extra layer. According to reports from Korea, Apple and Samsung have signed an agreement to integrate technology into the 2019 iPhone.

In price, Y-OCTA technology is 30 percent cheaper than the standard model. As a result, it is predicted that Apple will lower the price of their iPhones, as quoted from Ubergizmo Friday (14-12-2018).

Unfortunately, there are no reports that mention how thin the iPhone 2019 can be. Apart from that, Apple still means entrusting the OLED screen to the iPhone 2019 to Samsung.

Editor: Tuty Ocktaviany

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