Vaccines and 3M complete package of public health protection – The dynamic conditions brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic have been felt by all countries in the world, not just Indonesia. Therefore, the government and society must work together to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 so that it does not spread and be controlled.

The government remains committed to preserving public health and introducing the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible. However, according to the opinion of several health industry experts, the public should not ignore the 3M health protocol (wear mask, wash hands, keep distance).

Dr. Syahrizal Syarif, MPH, Ph.D., Epidemiologist FKM UI explained that he noted in May 2020 that in fact, there are already 80 percent of countries whose outbreaks are under control, and 20 percent fluctuate. But today the numbers are different, the state of the outbreak is hovering to 64 percent, which means that not only Indonesia but the world is also fluctuating.

“Then I think the vaccines that have been conducting Phase III clinical trials are good news, because they give hope that we can come out or at least be in a situation where Covid-19 is not a public health issue. ”he explained in the Productive Dialogue. themed Vaccine + 3M: A Strong Stand Against Covid-19 recently held from Jakarta by the Committee for the Treatment of Covid-19 and the National Economic Recovery (KPCPEN).

Dr. Syahrial’s statement that vaccines are good news for everyone was also backed by Theodorus Jodimarlo, a tour operator, who has been economically hit since the Covid-19 pandemic. He applauded the vaccine, because with the vaccine, the economy would certainly recover.

“We, especially in the tourism world, have suffered enough without an income for over nine months. Vaccines are a relief for us, as the tourism industry is the first to be hit and the last to recover,” he said.

In terms of public health, Dr. Syahrizal said vaccines were actually the best health intervention in the 20th century. So all health interventions have been proven to reduce mortality and morbidity, he says.

“I think it is necessary to convince the public to accept the Covid-19 vaccine, this is not easy so it needs examples from community leaders,” he said.

In addition, in a situation of waiting for the vaccine, even after the public has received the vaccine, it is still necessary to discipline the 3M health protocol. “Because this vaccine must be given gradually, the emergence of herd immunity in the community is also gradual,” explains Dr. Syahrizal.

Health protocols are often ignored by society, especially when 3M is run as a complete package. A UNICEF study with AC Nielsen in 6 large cities in Indonesia some time ago shows that the behavior of keeping a distance is often neglected.

The survey results show that the behavior of distance monitoring (47 percent) is lower than wearing a mask (71 percent) and washing hands (72 percent). If this behavior can be performed consistently by the community, it is believed to significantly reduce the Covid-19 transmission chain. The advent of the vaccine will later complement the full protection of public health.

In anticipation of the vaccination program, affected communities such as Theodorus advised to remain productive: “Even though they are not undergoing activities as usual, at least there are new things that can be learned. Of course we support the government program so that we can go out later when we can go out again. as we used to, come out without fear, ”he concluded.

Editor: Banu Adikara

Reporter: Rian Alfianto, ARM

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