View the details! Here are 10 Easter Red Egg Dead Redemption 2!

At present, it must be admitted that Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best selling games. With extraordinary and interesting details and stories to enjoy, this game dominates different game console forums. Do not, in fact, exaggerate excessively Red Dead Reedemption 2 worked very seriously.

In this game, Rockstar also contains a variety of unique and strange things, as well as several Easter egg Interesting. For those who love it Easter egg in the game this article is suitable for you.


Come on is thewhile there is still a hype, we discuss immediately one by one 10 Easter egg Red Dead Redemption 2 everything you need to know, cekidot!!

Note: for those who want to continue there are some spoilers! If it is still reckless, the risk is only borne.

red dead rescue 2

Red Dead Revolver, of course, you who love games made by Rockstar know this. That said, this game was inspired by Red Harlow in the game Red Dead RevolverAlthough Harlow did not show up, he was inspired by the game Red Dead Redemption 2 can not be put aside.

Oiya, both Arthur and Harlow, both use revolver weapons do you knowReferring to the Whatculture site, this is one Easter egg most interesting.

red dead rescue 2

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Easter egg Red Dead Redemption 2 the next thing you notice is the presence of Geoff Ramsey and Jack Pattillo. Yes, these two people have participated in this game. Keep in mind that Geoff and Jack are famous Youtubers who have made a channel called Achievement Hunter.

Both are also attached to the words called Rooster and Teeth. Both Geoff and Jack are both great at it You know Red Dead Redemption 2Yes, they also participated. Maybe for those who want to find it, they can go to Hotel Valentine or go to the post office.

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In the world Red Dead RedemptionLandon Ricketts is a legendary gunfighter. He spent a lot of time with a John Marston and on the prequel Red Dead Redemption 2, the name Ricketts stands out again.


Yes, the name Ricketts is mentioned on one mission without seeing his figure. In the chat it was explained that Ricketts was a great gunfighter do you knowAlthough he does not see his figure, his name is mentioned just enough to make us like that gamer is not it happy?

The Hobbit is usually not synonymous with the world of the Wild West, but with Red Dead Redemption, this has changed dramatically! Yes, Rockstar made a surprise when he showed a house that looked like The Hobbit's house.

If you want to go to this house, you can simply walk north on the map. There was a small muddy hut with a Tolkein-Esque appearance. Arthur is of the opinion that the house is a mysterious house. Cool right?

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For those who love old movies, you should be familiar with the name The Jungle Book is it not? Yes, this one film turned out to be too Easter egg Red Dead Redemption 2 everything you have to pay attention to. Easter egg this is on the territory of Lemoyne and there you see a snake named Kaa that hangs.

There Kaa looks pretty strong and of course very emotional. If you have not found it yet, you might be able to do an exploration immediately to meet this Kaa.


It is said that there was a blind astrologer who traveled throughout the location Red Dead Redemption 2This blind predictor turned out to be someone who could make many important predictions. Yes, we will tell you about future events that will take place, including the death of Arthur, interaction with John Marston and much more.


If you give him money, the fortune teller will continue his prediction. Do not underestimate this prediction, of course, because some of them will happen. All you have to do is complete the mission carefully! Moreover, the diviner said that Arthur would experience the incident that claimed his life.

John Marston can not swim

Red Dead 3 Redemption PC

The most ridiculous is that John Marston can not swim. In the first game it was true that Marston could not swim and even in the second game he was unable to swim. Of course this is a ridiculous matter, even more so Marston is an accomplished murderer.

One thing is certain: if Marston is fishing, try to drop him off the boat he is in! If he falls, chances are he can not save himself, hahaha.

John Marston & # 39; s facial expression

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Cover game Red Dead Redemption to first admit that it is not an iconic deck game. But still Rockstar still uses it as Easter egg Red Dead Redemption 2Yes, on a mission you get a John Marston in action.

No joke, Marston did one of the horrible slaughter. When he was about to finish his opponent, Marston showed a facial expression on the cover Red Dead Redemption first. Seen once a satisfied face in killing his opponent.

This moment shows that Rockstar is really extraordinary in working on missions like this.

Search for Dutch Gang in Epilogue

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When the game is almost over and the Dutch gang collapses, you will be able to find a surprise. Yes, after the collapse, Dutch Gang broke and the majority of the members were hard to find. But there are three gang members that you can find, Pearson, Tilly Jackson, and Mary Beth.


The three live in different places, Pearson in Rhodes, as a shop, Mary-Beth is a novelist you can meet on the train on Valentine's Day, and Tilly Jackson joins her lawyer-husband in Saint Denis. If you find them, there are some cutscenes that will happen do you know,

red death online

After completing The Noblest or Men and Woman Stranger Mission, the player is offered an adapted Schofield revolver with Canis Canem Edit. Are you familiar with that? If so, then you are real Rockstar Games fans.

Canis Edit is a slogan in the game bully released in 2006. Reportedly, the game bully will be forwarded by Rockstar, much less hype gamer waiting for the game is really a lot. Of course with the presence of the slogan as implying that the game bully it is really being worked on, even if Rockstar has not yet confirmed it.

What is clear now is that they are concentrating on working on Red Dead Online. Yes, hopefully hell Bully 2 really comes true hell,

Yes, it looks like that is 10 Easter egg Red Dead Redemption 2 which must be considered. some Easter egg the above is hard to find, but once found, you will certainly be enthusiastic. Well, you played this game and how much Easter egg Red Dead Redemption 2 have you found?

Maybe you can tell it right away in the column with related comments Easter egg in this game hey guys, There is a chance that there will also be an update Easter egg considering this game is amazingly big world.

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