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"When internet traffic fails, our money flows out"

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Indonesian Internet Domain Name Managers (PANDI) said that the revision of Government Regulation (PP) Nr. 82/2012 concerning transfers datacenter or data centers outside the territory of Indonesia, with potentially negative consequences.

This was transferred by M.Scanggalanny, director of technology and operations of PANDI during a press conference in Jakarta, Thursday (31-01-2019).

"Why is it bad, because even though you use an .id domain, you can use it instead serversit is abroad, "explained the man who was known as Didin.

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He added that foreign parties would benefit more if the data center was outside Indonesia. "When internet traffic flows away, money flows out of us," he added.

The rule that becomes a polemic is Article 17 PP No. 82/2012 which initially requires datacenters in Indonesian jurisdiction.

The Ministry of Communications and Information (Kominfo) is currently discussing the revised PP with reference to the IPR law. The review classifies data into three categories, namely "strategic", "important" and "ordinary".

"Strategic" data referred to here are data relating to national defense, such as intelligence, defense and security, and population data. All data on the "strategic" category are determined by the president and are technically regulated by the presidential regulation.

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These "strategic" data are mandatory in Indonesia. Although for "important" and "normal" category data, it can be stored under certain circumstances in data centers outside Indonesia, but through sector studies.

Moreover, Didin said that data sovereignty would also be threatened.

"We see that the use of .id domain data is used by strategic institutions or agencies that manage important data and information about us and the Indonesian people, for example outside data centers," he explains.

So far, the revision of PP Nr. 82/2012 still pulling. Because there are many parties who reject the revised rules, especially businessmen cloud computing and big data.

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