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Women can be the first people on Mars

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Suara.com – NASA leader Jim Bridenstine said it is likely that women will be the first people on Mars.

Speak on a radio program with the title Science Friday Bridenstine recently revealed that "very likely" women would be the first to set foot on Planet Mars.

He did not specify who female astronauts would go to Mars. Nevertheless, he emphasized that women play a pioneering role in Nassa's plans for the future.

Not only that, he also revealed that the following people who would send NASA to the moon were probably women. It is intended that NASA will return to send people to the moon in 2028.

"We want to make sure that NASA has talent from different backgrounds and we want to send the first women to the moon," said Bridenstine, as quoted by CNN.

In the near future, NASA plans to send two female astronauts to space walk by the end of March. Anne McClain and Christina Koch, who now serve at the International Space Station (ISS), fly into space for seven hours on 29 March.

McClain and Koch are alumni of the astronaut class of 2013, half of whom are women. NASA first received female astronauts in 1978 and now 34 percent of NASA astronauts are women.

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