2 year old state of the child that persecuted his stepfather in Critical North Jakarta

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com– The state of AAP (2), a toddler prosecuted by his stepfather in North Jakarta, is still in critical condition until Friday (08/24/2018) night.

The APP was prosecuted by his stepfather, the US who worked online as an ojek driver on Wednesday (22-08-2018) in a rented house in Sukapura, North Jakarta.

"Up to now, the state of Ananda (AAP) is still crucial," said a member of the Fauziah Indonesian Child Protection Institute (LPAI) who accompanied the AAP family when he contacted. Kompas.com, Friday evening.

Fauziah said, since the Wednesday afternoon in the Koja hospital was treated, the state of AAP has not changed. In fact, doctors in the hospital said that the heart rate of the AAP was weak.

After receiving a number of medical measures, the AAP heart rate increased, but was unconscious. Fauziah said there was news that the AAP had died.

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However, this is a misunderstanding between the nurse and the family. When they saw that the condition of AAP was very weak, the nurses had asked the AAP family who represented their grandmother at that time to get ready in the event of an undesirable situation.

The grandmother of AAP, however, understands the claim that the AAP has died of her family.

Even though there is no official statement that the AAP has died. At the moment the entire AAP family is in the hospital.

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"In fact, her grandmother was told to clean the house (thinking that AAP died.) But the doctor has given medical treatment so her heart rate rises again," Fauziah said.

The US persecuted AAP because he was angry that the boy lived with him in the rented house. AAP is hit in the head until it is unconscious. The US then brought the AAP to the Koja hospital.

The American wife, AMT, who did not receive the American report from the police. At the moment the US has secured the police and the status of suspect. The US also claimed that they were abusing AAP in 2017 by hitting a helmet on the head of AAP.

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