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VIVA – Indonesia has become a paradise for gourmets. This is because the herbs that are used to make different types of food have such a delicious taste. One of the most popular preparations for Indonesian people is mutton.

Although it contains high cholesterol, goat meat stays in the hearts of people. At Eid al-Adha, different types of processed mutton will certainly be available on the dining table.

Which types of processed mutton are popular with Indonesian people? The following includes, as summarized VIVA from different sources.


Satay is one of the most popular goats that are processed in Indonesian society. Many people immediately start eating with family members during Eid al-Adha.

Unlike saté of chicken, goat sate is served with soy sauce, which is added with sliced ​​chili, sliced ​​shallots and tomatoes and lime juice.


Tongseng goat

Tongseng consists of mutton deep fried with soy sauce, then topped with curry sauce and cooked together with tomatoes, cabbage, chili slices and a mixture of different herbs.

Tongseng young goats

The consistency of the broth is rather thick and brownish yellow. The taste of the herbs is also relatively strong and fresh.

Goat fried rice

Mafia Goat Fried Rice.

We often find this food both along the road and in luxury restaurants. This process is in the form of fried rice with different spices and added with pieces of mutton. Goat meat added to the process of making fried rice is a piece of meat that has been cooked and seasoned.

Goat soup

Goat soup is also included in the list of processed goats that are popular among Indonesian people. The same as soup in general, goat soup also consists of different vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and beans and is supplemented with pieces of mutton.

For presentation there are two versions that use clear broth, some use coconut milk or often milk.

Clear goat soup

Goat curry

This goat curry is processed goat meat that is processed together with coconut milk and other herbs, so that it becomes very tasty and the aroma is also fragrant.

Gulai Kambing Pak Sabar, Semarang.

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