5 Most popular news from the archipelago, Neno expelled to mosque administrators dissolve massive action

KOMPAS.com – Two of the most popular news Kompas.com on Sunday (08/26/2018) is still related to action # 2019GantiPresiden and the blockade of Neno Warisman by the masses in Pekanbaru, Riau.

The two above topics are emphasized by readers who want to know the facts behind the event.

Action # 2019The president's residence turned out to be held in the city of Surabaya, and this time the highlight of the reader was the fate of Ahmad Dhani who faced the masses of those who refused to take action in a hotel in Surabaya.

Here are the 5 most popular news on Sunday (08/26/2018).

1. The facts behind the deterrence action of Neno Warisman

Hundreds of masses issued the statement # 2019 Change the president for the Great Mosque of Annur Pekanbaru, Riau, Sunday (08/26/2018).Kompas.com/Idon Tanjung Hundreds of masses issued the statement # 2019 Change the president for the Great Mosque of Annur Pekanbaru, Riau, Sunday (08/26/2018).

Kompas.com 8 facts found in the blocking action against Neno Warisman by hundreds of people at the Sultan Syarif Kasim Airport (SSK) II of Pekanbaru on Saturday (08/25/2018) afternoon.

Rejection of the movement figure of # 2019. The president has been kissed a long time ago. So when Neno arrived at the SSK airport, he was accompanied by members of the TNI and the police to get into the car.

But it turned out that hundreds of people had blocked the road at the airport exit to prevent Neno Warisman from leaving the airport.

The atmosphere became hot during the arrival of 6 massive organizations that wanted to collect Neno.

The police were forced to take action to prevent collisions. In order to keep the situation and condition safe, Neno finally returned to Jakarta.

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2. Attend # 2019 Change the president, Ahmad Dhani is confronted with hundreds of people in the hotel

Hundreds of masses who rejected the Declaration of the 2019 Presidential Declaration in Surabaya, East Java also took the road on Sunday (8/26/2018).

They surrounded the Surabaya Majapahit Hotel on Jalan Tunjungan where Ahmad Dhani stayed.

The crowd deliberately held an action in front of the hotel to block Ahmad Dhani from going outside and joining the mass of the declaration action.

"If you are indeed a man, let Ahmad Dhani come, we will discuss, not only provocations in Surabaya," said chairman of the Surabaya People & # 39; s Movement, Mat Mohtar, in his speech.

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3. Action # 2019 Change of president in Surabaya is dissolved by the police

The police have dissolved the action of the declaration of volunteers # 2019antiPresident 2019 in Surabaya on Sunday (08/26/2018). Dissolution of the masses followed protests from a number of residents for the action of the statement.

With loudspeakers, the police appealed to the masses that had gathered around the Tugu Pahlawan Monument Surabaya to spread. The crowd, however, refused to dissolve.

"Where is the law, where is the rule that this event must have a permit," said a mother to a policewoman who encouraged her to spread on Sunday.

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4. Mosque administrators drive out noisy crowds in the courtyard of the mosque

On Sunday (08/26/2018) the atmosphere of the city of Surabaya was noisy due to the crowd of # 2019GantiPresiden and the action refused.

Encouragement took place between two camps in the courtyard of the Kemayoran Mosque, Jalan Indrapura, Surabaya, dissolved by the mosque.

"Let everything come out, this is a mosque, do not make riots in the mosque, this is not the time for prayers," said the mosque administrator.

Examine the research, it turns out that the pro mass is # 2019. The president initially holds an action at the Tugu Pahlawan Monument. After the police had been dissolved, the crowd moved towards Jalan Indrapura, not far from the office of the DPRD.

Unfortunately, at that location the masses of the counter group # 2019 gathered Presidential change. In the courtyard of the mosque opposite the DPRD office they screamed and pushed each other.

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5. Regional police of Riau: there is no prosecution against Neno Warisman

Riau Police and Pekanbaru Police held a press conference on deterrence until the return of Neno Warisman from Pekanbaru, Riau, Sunday (08/26/2018).Kompas.com/Idon Tanjung Riau Police and Pekanbaru Police held a press conference on deterrence until the return of Neno Warisman from Pekanbaru, Riau, Sunday (08/26/2018).

The regional police of Riau denied that the massive treatment with which Neno Warisman was faced at the gate of Sultan Syarif Kasim Airport (SSK) II Pekanbaru, was an act of persecution.

"There is no prosecution, the only thing we have is to protect all parties against possible kamtibmas disruptions Yesterday we saw a pitch, so we secured all parties," said Riau Police Public Relations Head, Sr. Comr. Sunarto during a press conference on Sunday (26/08/2018)).

According to him, the two mass camps that are the advantages and disadvantages of the # 2019 Declaration of the President must be limited so that there is no commotion.

He said that the combined security officers secured the crowd that intercepted Neno Warisman. This is because the location of the location is in the vicinity of the airport authority. "Our job is to preserve the safety of all parties," he said.

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Source (KOMPAS.com: Idon Tanjung, Achmad Faizal)

Compass TV There is no meeting place until late at night. The crowd still gathered in front of the airport.

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