6 Message from Ustadz Abdul Somad on the Indonesian Independence Day, Do not stop this disease

TRIBUNLAMPUNG.CO.ID – I do not think anyone knows the figure of Ustadz Abdul Somad.

He himself was linked to a number of things that were popular in the community.

About one million viewers have left 6 messages on the 73rd independence day of the Republic of Indonesia Friday (08/17/2018).

the message was uploaded via his Instagram account.

  Ustadz Abdul Somad Post 6 posts on Independence Day, No. 5 Contents Warning Aloud
Ustadz Abdul Somad gives 6 messages on Independence Day, no. 5 contains a loud warning ()

Someone who is reminded of the UAS to Muslims in Indonesia not to separate religion from the state.

In addition, the UAS also warned that the commemoration of RI & # 39; s birthday should not be ignored with senseless activities.

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1. Do not separate Nationalism from the call "Allahu Akbar"

2. In the past the spirit of Nationalism was blown up in shouts "Allahu Akbar." The nation's warriors were proud to write: "About the blessing of Allah SWT's grace and the noble desires of the Indonesian people"

3. soul.

4. Fatihah strands for them are like rain in the middle of a long dry season.

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