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SOLO, iNews.id – The Surakarta City Police investigation team investigated nine witnesses related to the occurrence of a black Mercedes Benz number of the 888 AD QQ police who had died in death on a motorcycle racer at Jalan KS Tubun Manahan Solo on Wednesday ( 08/22/2018) night.

Mercedes Benz driver is the president of PT Indaco Warna Dunia Karanganyar, Iwan Adranacus (40), a resident of Nakula II Street No. 8 Jaten, Karanganyar. The victim was motorcyclist Eko Prasetio (28), a resident of Jalan Mliwis 3/8 RT 02 RW 07 Manahan, Banjarsari, Solo.

Surakarta Police Criminal Investigation Chief AKP Sutoyo said, nine witnesses that were investigated were, among other things, three friends of the suspect, a number of residents, including journalists who knew on the spot.


Speed ​​up, Mercedes Benz hits motorists until they die in Solo

The engine accidentally struck to death, Mercedes-Benz Driver suspected

In addition, the research team also collected a number of proofs. One is the recording with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) that is not far from the stage. The recording should not make the case a road accident, but a criminal act because the perpetrator accidentally touches the victim's engine.

"We also conducted urine tests with suspects and three friends, but the results are negative," said Sutoyo in Solo, Thursday (23-08-2018).

According to Sutoyo, the suspect is still detained at Suracharta City police headquarters for further investigation. The police will continue to deal with the case according to the law.

The Surinamese police investigation team has previously determined the driver of a Mercedes Benz luxury car as a suspect after he had undergone an investigation. According to the head of the Police Unit for Criminal Investigation in Surakarta, Commissioner Fadli, the perpetrator accidentally fell victim to the rear while passing Jalan KS Tubun Manahan. As a result, the victim died on the spot.

The perpetrators were detained in Mapolresta Surakarta for legal proceedings. For his actions the suspect is subject to Article 338 and / or Article 351 Paragraph 351 Paragraph 3 of the Indonesian Penal Code on murder and / or persecution by death with a maximum sentence of 15 years imprisonment.

While the victim was Eko Prasetio (28), a resident of Jalan Mliwis lived 3/8 RT 02 RW 07 Manahan, Banjarsari, Solo. His body was buried at Bonoloyo Solo public cemetery on Thursday afternoon.

According to Sutardi, the victim's father-in-law, the family had named his son-in-law God Almighty. The deceased left a woman, Dahlia and a child, Ahnaf Malik Alafahresi was nine months old. "We present this case to the police," said Sutardi, who is also a member of the Surakarta police.

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