Add two positions, Jokowi-Ma & # 39; ruf campaign team consists of regional heads

JAKARTA, – Nasdem party secretary general Johnny G Plate said that the Indonesian work coalition (KIK) has added two new structures to the national campaign team to support the Joko Widodo and Ma & # 39; ruf Amin couple in 2019 presidential elections

] The two new structures are territorial directors and coordinators of the election of presidential elections.

"Territorial directors will be filled by governors, deputy governors, regents, deputy regents, mayors, deputy mayors or regional heads of elements of coalition members," Johnny said. in Rumah Cemara 19, Jakarta, Sunday (19-08-2018).

According to Johnny, KIK's regional leaders were limited to providing guidance, encouraging the execution of presidential elections in his region, and the free, fair, confidential, fair and

"Those who are directors because they know that the regional head has an interest, so that the elections in the region are good, safe and successful, "he said.

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Johnny claimed that the regional head of the coalition would obey the rules to avoid abuse making the position and facilities of the state that he wore during directing

"Yes, you have to follow the rules, laws. If you want to participate in the process of the presidential election (campaign), of course you have to leave, you may not use state facilities, you must comply with the (rules), "he said.

Meanwhile, the election coordinator of the presidential election will be held by the 2019 election winners from the United States. every coalition party.

In addition to the two new structures, the national campaign team is basically equipped with a steering group with coalition party presidents and an advisory board involving community leaders and high figures from coalition parties.

the number of national campaign teams is about 112 people, "said Johnny.

The Coalition will submit tomorrow the documents of the national campaign team of Jokowi-Ma & # 39; ruf to the General Election Committee (KPU), Monday (08 / 20/2018).

"We hope it can be delivered to the KPU tomorrow, at two o'clock in the morning we will leave from Cemara Command Post to the KPU office," said Johnny. Compass TV Two coalition camps presidential candidates and vice presidential candidates will continue to close the ranks to form a winning team.

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