Adolescent Captiva Driver on Jagorawi Toll Road Endangered 5-year verdict

JAKARTA, – Director of the Criminal Investigation General Criminal Investigation Commission of Jakarta, Comr. Nico Afinta, said the driver of the Chevrolet Captiva with the first MA, who beat RA teens (14) on Jagorawi Toll Road, Cibubur, in Jakarta on Wednesday (08/22/2018), faces a five-year ruling year of imprisonment.

"The person concerned will be subject to article 351 and article 76c in combination with 40 child protection laws with a five-year threat," said Nico, at Metro Jaya police headquarters on Friday (08/24/2018).

Nico said, the police had arrested the Supreme Court and investigated and investigated a number of witnesses. Families of victims and toll road officials are invited to witness in this case.

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"Then the statement of the suspect and the autopsy, we put the Supreme Court as a suspect," said Nico.

Not only that, according to Nico, the police also took camera surveillance on the toll road to serve as one of the evidences.

After being appointed as a suspect, the police detained the Supreme Court.

Nico regrets these types of incidents. He was of the opinion that even for emotional reasons a child should not be involved in a dispute with an adult.

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In addition, until physical violence takes place.

"We urge the public, the road is often a place of anger, so we regret the incident because the highway is a joint property, so respect each other, of course," said Nico.

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