After closing the Asian Games, Sandiaga gives VVIP tickets to DKI VIVA residents

VIVA – After performing a morning run with a route through the Senayan region, vice-presidential candidate Sandiaga Uno said he was grateful for the high enthusiasm of the community for the closing ceremony of the Asian Games of 2018 this afternoon.

"That is why I am very grateful, because in the past we were very concerned that the Asian Games could not get community involvement, but if we look at it, it is extraordinary," Sandiaga said when they met in the Kebayoran Baru. area, South Jakarta, Sunday 2 September 2018.

Sandiaga also claimed to be satisfied with the acquisition of 31 gold medals won by Indonesia in the sporting big event. "Success for organizing the Asian Games, the success of 31 gold achievements." The 4th position is an achievement that we should be grateful for, "he said.

When asked if he would attend the closing ceremony of the Asian Games today, Sandiaga also admitted that his VVIP card would be given to four Jakartans who had performances so that they could watch the event.

"Because the enthusiasm was so vague, I decided to give the four remarkable citizens appreciation, one of them was Mr. Tarman who raised the flag with the bamboo." I want to appreciate that he got a VVIP ticket, "Sandiaga said.

Meanwhile, Sandiaga also admitted that he would come to one of the places that watched viewing facilities together, at a location close to his home.

"I hell the plan is to look together. The provincial government of DKI had several places to look together. I have brought the closest of the house to the plan. Hopefully this will increase the enthusiasm of the people, because there are many who can not get tickets. Very much want entry. This is our chance to share, "he said.

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