Ahmad Dhani will participate in the Presidential Change Volunteer Declaration 2019 in Surabaya

SURABAYA, KOMPAS.com – Sunday (08/26/2018) musician Ahmad Dhani is scheduled to attend the Voluntary Declaration of Presidential Change in 2019 in Surabaya. The event takes place around Tugu Pahlawan, right on Jalan Tembaan Surabaya.

Besides Ahmad Dani, Neno Warisman is also scheduled to attend the event tomorrow. The frontman of the Dewa 19 music group kept what he would say tomorrow. "Just present tomorrow," he said when he met Jalan Kranggan Surabaya, Saturday (08/25/2018), after eating the Lontong Balap menu.

Maia Estianti's ex-husband said, he and the masses that will hold the statement tomorrow will be 212 Jakarta alumni. "This has nothing to do with politics, we only deliver aspirations," he explained.

Asked about the license for the declaration program that was not issued by the police, Dani said that the declaration event did not require permission, but only a notification to the police. "Only a report, no permission," he explained.

He is also not worried if the statement of tomorrow is threatened with dissolution. "We have never challenged 212 alumni, so we do not dare to step on the grass," he explained.

Apart from that, the chairman of the Surabaya People & # 39; s Movement, Mat Mohtar, urged the police not to let the presidential declaration of change take place in Surabaya. He said that the event so far has disrupted the favorable political climate in Surabaya.

"This is called provocation, the police have to solve it, otherwise we solve it," he explained.

Last Friday a mass group on behalf of the East Java Youth Care Alliance also held an action for the East Java police headquarters Jalan Ahmad Yani Surabaya.

They asked the East Java Police Commissioner not to give permission for the statement. They accused the statement of being overlooked by the political interests of the 2019 presidential election.

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