Ahmad Dhani's hot debates with the # 2019 repellent. Change the presidential

Merdeka.com – The action of three masked young men colored the Ahmad Dhani Prasetyo racing lontong meal and his friends in street vendors (PKL), Jalan Keranggan, Surabaya, East Java, Saturday (8/25) afternoon.

The three young men who claimed to be from the East Java Care Alliance came up with a poster with the rejection of the Grand Declaration # 2019GantiPresiden in Tugu Pahlawan Monument Surabaya on Sunday morning (8/26) tomorrow morning.

They continued to scream: "Untie the campaign!"

Spontaneous yelling irritated some of the explanatory committee accompanying Ahmad Dhani and Ustaz Derry Sulaiman. "It is not this campaign, man," replied the President of Go Change's Voluntary President, Siti Rafika Hardhiansari in a loud voice.

In the action there was a heated debate between one of the protesters who claimed to be named Iwan with various declaration commissions.

Initially, one of the organizers asked one of the protesters, who and where, when recording the incident with his mobile phone camera.

But the question from one of the committees of the statement was not answered, instead the demonstrator was louder to convey his aspirations without wanting to remove the mask that was being worn despite being asked.

"Open it if you're brave, open it (mask) Aspiration (must) is clear, this is unknown to anyone." Let's dare ", one of the three demonstrators convinced.

"That means you are not really (a commanding person), if you are not mistaken, open it (the mask), do not be anonymous," said the committee.

Ivan, one of the demonstrators had opened his mask. But only for a moment, then close it again on his face.

Iwan was questioned when the mask was opened. "Why do you refuse?" asked the protest committee, which was also approved by a number of journalists who also wanted to gather information for the data.

Iwan then loudly replied as if he were giving a speech. "Because it will upset the promotion of East Java, sir, what is the problem? Now, the conditions, this is not the time for the campaign, there will be time, not on East Java," replied Iwan. with a pale and stunned face.

"This is not a campaign", the committee reiterated about the arrival of Dhani and Ustaz Derry. "Who said (campaign), ate, not a campaign, after all, eats," replied Iwan with a tone of surprise.

"But before the declaration it will certainly disrupt the situation of East Java, we will see it tomorrow, we will certainly fight against the statement that will be made," Iwan threatened.

Again, Iwan, who claimed from the East Java Care Alliance, reminded the commission that he would not continue his intention on Sunday. "You know, this is political, it will be, it is actually a democratic party, for the democratic party in East Java itself, anyway," he said with a high voice intonation.

Although he remained with irregular sentences to explain his point in a fierce tone. "We will love peace." Later, if there is such a statement, the presidential change will certainly divide the unity and unity of East Java in this way, "he said.

Annoyed by the unclear explanation of Iwan, one of the organizers of the statement, who had been silent on the side of the road, replied. Even discussing each other actively.

"Hey, first study democracy, mas." What graduates (you) are who study the first democracy, "said the committee, another explanation.

"Yes, sir, we are a democracy. The news is that later Ahmad Dhani will also join the legislative candidates, for fear that such campaigns will be infiltrated," Iwan replied.

"Hey, if the campaign is the authority of the electoral body, do you know the rules, then the electoral control agency is regulated, if that is the case (Declaration # 2019 of the presidential election), the electoral control agency will intervene later," said the commission . I do not put it on sir, & # 39; Iwan said loudly.

"Why did you refuse it?" the commission debate again. "Why, if I refuse? I refuse," Iwan answered briefly, assuring him that he would be present at Declaration # 2019. Change the president to make a calculation. "Certainly, I will be sure," he said confidently. [rnd]

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