Ahok Maju's staff is becoming a legislative candidate, wanting to live up to the dreams of Ahok

WARTA KOTA, TAMANSARI —Ima Mahdiah, DKI Jakarta DPRD Legislative Candidate (PDI) from PDIP Daerah Pilihan (Dapil) 10 West Jakarta City (Kembangan, Taman Sari, Kebon Jeruk, Grogol Petamburan, Palmerah) is ready to compete fairly and fairly in the 2019 Legislative elections.

As the staff of the governor of DKI Jakarta from 2010 to 2017, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok), Ima revealed the reason for Pileg 2019.

"My reason is to ensure that the provincial government of DKI continues with programs that are pro-people or not." I have previously been in the realm of executives who worked with Pak Ahok. "In realizing his dreams, creating social justice for the entire Jakarta community", Ima told the news City, Sunday (09/30/2018).

This woman graduated from Paramadina University in 2010, with international relations as its main subject, and wanted to personally know for sure that the previous government program had worked out well or not.

"It is therefore personally important that the previous government program is good and that it should be carried out for the benefit of the wider community," he said.

Ima, who until now was included in the BTP team (Basuki Tjahaja Purnama), who also led the PT Basuki Solusi Konsultindo Company, said the focus was on organizing in the area of ​​West Jakarta, because there are many problems and public reports goods.

"For West Jakarta, I want to concentrate on the problems that have been reported so far, especially in education, health and the elderly, for example problems in KJP and KJS, now called BPJS-PBI. get the facilities We have included KJP because I received reports that really needed a lot of stops in the current era, "he said.

"Also KJS, I want all residents and every RT to pay attention to each of their families to be registered as KJS-PBI holders." PBI is meant to be funded directly by the DKI provincial government in the third class, "said Ima.

Not only that, Ima wants to continue the Ahok program that is now beginning to sink, that is, with the hearts tapping on the service door.

Through the Ahok program, he wants to continue offering health insurance to all residents of DKI Jakarta.

"I want Mr Ahok's program, which is to beat the service door with the heart that goes well in Jakarta." Walking with the same spirit in accordance with his aspirations (Ahok) first Want to guarantee the best health care for the residents of Jakarta, "he said,

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