All selected PSI candidates must report their performance to the public

Report from Journalist, Yanuar Nurcholis Majid

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) provides information to all future legislators who have passed the selection process.

Debriefing was performed at Balai Sarbini, South Jakarta, Monday (08/20/2018).

The event was also attended by the former chairman of the Constitutional Court Mahfud MD, who also provided information about the content.

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After obtaining the debriefing material from Mahfud MD, the legislators signed a legal statement.

Where all PSI legislative candidates are required via the declaration letter if they are elected later, their performance can be reported to the public.

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"If they become members of the House of Representatives, if there are people who miss, they can get punishments that are, for example, unclear and can not account for productivity as a member of the board. We can act, there are rules and mechanisms" said PSI president Grace Natalie.

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Grace later explained that all PSI readings reached by parliament can be punished if they take actions that can be detrimental to both their own party and society.

"It can be sanctioned in the form of dismissal or alternation between times, so we can not see that there are empty seats and the members are not clear, we can ask for justification," he said.

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