Allegedly poison alcohol poisoning, 3 young men were killed in Gresik – Oplosan alcoholic beverages once again claimed lives in Hulaan, Menganti District, Gresik, East Java, Sunday (8/19). One in 31 people reportedly died at RSU. Soetomo, Surabaya . While the other two died in the Gresik hospital.

From the diagnosis of the medical team of the hospital owned by the provincial government of East Java, the three deaths were allegedly caused by methanol poisoning. The reporter confirmed the incident, a spokesperson for RSU said. Soetomo, said Pesta Parulian, on Sunday morning around 13:00, only 13 victims were taken to the hospital.

Then around half past five a person would have died the world. He revealed that the victims of alcohol abuse patients who went to the Dr. Soetomo General Hospital have been brought up to 28 people on this Sunday afternoon.

"I just received a message that the number of incoming patients has increased to 28 people.

" There were three people who died. One died in our hospital (RSU Dr. Soetomo), and two other victims died in the hospital in Gresik, "he continued.

Pesta stated, victims of alcohol abuse received the data received by the RSU Dr. Soetomo, the average age between 18 and 25.

"Looking at the identity card, some victims were born on 18 and 19 August. It seemed like they were having a birthday, while they were having a birthday, "he said.

Although related to the hospital's diagnosis, Pesta said, the victims who were hospitalized had average dizziness and nausea. "The victims were on average liquid poisoning with methanol, but when asked, the victim only claimed it had drunk vodka," he said. [fik]

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