Amien Rais: There can be no discrimination

JAKARTA, – Amien Rais, chairman of the national mandate party (PAN), stressed that the Indonesian nation was essentially a unity, although it consisted of people of different ethnicities, religion and ethnicity.

He voiced this during a speech on PAN's 20th anniversary at the DPP PAN office in South Jakarta, Thursday (23-08-2018).

"Indonesia is free from ethnic religious differences and others, the essence is one, Indonesia," Amien said.

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He also quoted the teachings of the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Sukarno, who said, as long as a nation has a desire to live together and side by side, then the nation will remain intact even if it consists of people from different backgrounds.

Moreover, Amien continued, Islam expressly forbids any form of discrimination against anyone regardless of ethnic background and religion.

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The founder of PAN said that every Indonesian citizen has the same human rights and must be fulfilled.

"And I think that according to the Islamic Religion we should not discriminate in any way, all people are the same." Human rights are the same, "Amien said.

Compass TV Chairman of the PAN Honorary Board Amien Rais sent a number of sharp criticisms to the administration of President Joko Widodo.

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