Andi Arief Ready to be a witness in the case of the so-called Mahar policy of Sandiaga

JAKARTA, – Deputy Secretary-General (Wasekjen) of the Democratic Party Andi Arief claimed to be ready to fulfill the electoral supervisory body's call to witness in a case of alleged political dowry with a vice-presidential candidate (vice-president) Sandiaga Uno.

"Ready (to be a witness)", Andi said when he contacted, Monday (08/20/2018).

Andi can not confirm, however, whether he can fulfill the call of the Bawaslu today.

Andi admitted that he was still in Bali to attend the wedding of one of the Democratic Party cadres.

He has not read Bawaslu's appeal because it was just received by the DPP of the Democratic Party on Saturday (18-08-2018).

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"I did not read the summons, just invented this afternoon there was a phone call from Bawaslu.The letter was in the DPP (Democrat party) which he said was sent last Saturday," Andi said.

Before we continue, Andi first wants to read the contents of the summons of Bawaslu. For Andi, the most important principle is good.

"First I want to read the letter, the principle is that I will always be there for the good," he said.

"If I do not want to politicize," he continued.

Because of today's tight agenda, Andi hopes that Bawaslu will reschedule the inspection call.

"We recommend that after the Eid al-Adha day," he said.

Reportedly, Bawaslu Andi Arief called to be present as a witness in connection with reports on alleged political dowries.

The summons is a follow-up to a report that was submitted earlier by the United Indonesia Federation on Tuesday (08/14/2018).

"There are three witnesses submitted by the reporter, one of them is Andi Arief," said Bawaslu commissioner Ratna Dewi Petalolo at, Monday (08/20/2018).

Earlier, the Federation of United Indonesia reported alleged cases of political dowry led by Vice President Sandiaga Uno.

The report left on Wednesday evening (8/8/2018) of Andi Arief's tweet.

In his tweet, Andi Prabowo Subianto called a cardboard general & # 39 ;.

Andi said that after accusing Prabowo of having made Sandiaga Uno vice president, the deputy governor of DKI Jakarta Rp. 500 billion each gave to the two Gerindra coalition celebrations, namely PAN and PKS.

Andi said that he had been ordered by his party to talk about the alleged dowry.

"I want to say that the party has told me to speak," Andi said during an Indonesian evening greeting on Kompas TV, Monday (08/13/2018) night.

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According to him, the democrat's decision to expose the alleged dowry problem was taken at an official party meeting at the residence of the Democratic Party President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Wednesday (08/08/2018) night.

"The results of the meeting said that we have told the public the real problem," he said.

Andi admitted that he was not afraid if his statement on Twitter would lead to legal consequences.

Meanwhile Sandiaga denied that he had provided money to his two supporting political parties.

Compass TV They urged the KPK to thoroughly investigate the alleged dowry money at a number of political parties.

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