Anies controls offensive slaughterhouses, residents complain about problems with distribution

JAKARTA – There was a ban on the cutting of sacrificial animals around the location of the Asian Games, DKI governor of Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, Wednesday (8/22), in which the slaughterhouses (RPH), Dharma Jaya, Cakung, East Jakarta were evaluated. He also hoped that residents could use the slaughterhouse instead of the next public holiday.

"This is an interesting approach, and we hope that more people in Jakarta will use this slaughterhouse, especially for Eid al-Adha," he said on RPH Dharma Jaya, Cakung, East Jakarta, Wednesday (8/22).

According to Anies, RPH Dharma Jaya, all rules in the process of slaughtering animals are hygienic. He also found that the cow cut in this place is a healthy cow, so it is safe for consumption.

"Cutting cows is completely obeyed, hygienic, health is also better, and there is also a health check by the KPKP office," he said.

Anies also stated that RPH could be a learning place for those who want to get to know livestock farming. So, residents can understand more about the animals that they will be cattle.

"That's why we hope that citizens can use the RPH for the future," said the former Minister of Education.

PD Dharma Jaya Managing Director, Johan Ramadhon, explained that 170 sacrifice cows were slaughtered on the first day of Eid al-Adha. The details are 70 of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) and 20 of mosques affected by a 1 kilometer radius of the equestrian equestrian games of the Asian Games. "The rest comes from civilian mosques, government buildings and the private sector, as well as other elements," he said.

Johan said that the sacrificial animal slaughter system operated by PD Darma Jaya was divided into four parts, so that those affected could perform a different enumeration at their respective locations. "So, sacrificial animals can be distributed directly to the residents because they have been cleaned up here," he said.

His side, Johan continued, had also added officers in an attempt to slaughter sacrificial animals, usually 50 people, now more than 100 people divided into two shifts. "Our goal for that day can be 200 cuts." We cut the Idul Adha prayer, "he explained.

Meanwhile, Ridwan, one of the mosque managers who was struck said, he understood the government program to succeed in these Asian Games that coincided with Eid al-Adha. "So from yesterday all sacrificial animals were brought here," Ridwan said.

Out of the process, Ridwan continued, it is currently quite difficult to help with the distribution of meat. Due to the long distance, delivery of tender meat is a bit limited.

"We used to use carts to get home, so if we have to use a new car now to be delivered to people's homes," he said.

Yet Ridwan admitted that it was very useful in carrying out the cutting process. The reason is that the officers in the RPH were very helpful, so that the management of the mosque only separated the distribution. "So we only have to arrange the distribution, because all officers cut," he concluded. (Ifand / win)

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